Durable Crops Research Department

Durable Crop Research Department is a division of Research Operations that conducts research in the area of entomological, biochemical and microbiological analyses of durable crops to minimize qualitative and quantitative losses during storage; to improve the quality, safety and availability of agricultural produce.


  1. Improvement and maintenance of quality of durable crops including cereal grains, pulses, oil seeds from the farm level to commercial level as well as export.

  2. Conduct studies on the impact assessment of technologies developed by the Institute

  3. Research into Bio-insecticides formulation, Nigerian-derived diatomaceous earth (DE) and residue analyses

  4. Provision of safe methods to improve the skill and build capacity in postharvest technology through training of farmers, industrialists, food handlers, inspectors and extension workers in food preservation technique.

  5. Develop food standards for regulation and control to improve the quality of food commodities after harvest to promote both local and export markets.