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Research Operations Department (ROsD) is core to NSPRI’s research, extension and training activities. ROsD comprises of Durable Crops, Perishable Crops, Post-Harvest Engineering and Research Outreach departments. Each of these is headed by a director or the most senior research officer.

ROsD is headed by the most senior research Director who can be from any of the departments. ROsD is multidisciplinary and conducts collaborative research.

Functions of Research Operations

  1. Research Operations gives technical and administrative leadership.

  2. Advisory functions of research policies and programmes to the Institute’s management

  3. Listing and advising the Institute’s Management on the purchase of scientific equipment, chemicals, reagents and other consumable materials for execution of research projects.

  4. Chairs and coordinates the Project implementation task team (PITT) and Research management committee (RMC).

  5. Research operations departments is in charge of all research laboratories in the Institute specifically, Entomology, and Microbiology, Biochemistry/Chemistry, Quality control and Biotechnology laboratories.

  6. Research collaboration with other National Institutions, International Institutions, Agencies and Organizations.

  7. Collation and submission of research proposals, report on research projects.

  8. The department organizes and participates in In-Review meetings, In-house seminars, conferences and training workshops for the Institute

  9. The department trains students posted to the Institute for their industrial training programmes.

  10. Skill gap analysis, Training and Staff Development