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The Administration department in NSPRI provides administrative support to the Governing Board, Executive Director and the Institute in general, towards the achievement of specific goals and the overall mandate of the Institute. In this regard, the administration department is mandated to provide support for the research and extension activities of the Institute through suitable personnel placement, maintenance of Infrastructures, proper custody of accurate personnel records, taking care of secretarial needs of the Institute including the Governing Board, coordinating of transport services, advising and guiding management on implementation of policies, strategies and administrative procedures as well as liaising with unions with a view to ensuring staff welfare and discipline.

The administration department makes use of various government books and circulars in the discharge of its functions. The books are used to interpret government policies and the decision of the Governing board and the Executive Director in the Institute.


The Administration department performs the following functions to facilitate the attainment of the Institute’s mandate:

The department has the following units: